NP71: Heller House Respite centre in danger? Are Walpole Park and Pitshanger Manor our top priorities? Plus NHS and Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre news

Heller House, Respite Care home

Heller House, Respite Care home offers an essential service but may be being closed

Ealing Council says Government cuts mean its spending must reduce by £96m. Inevitably services in the Borough will suffer. Even so, it’s shocking that a Respite Centre for children with complex disability needs called Heller House is due to close. The centre, at 124 Norwood Road Southall, was bequeathed to Ealing way back and the Council has invested much in it since. For many the service is a lifeline. Hundreds of children have enjoyed the specialist facilities which allow parents a much-needed break. It’s claimed the care can be purchased outside the borough but parents are justifiably dubious. Of course, costs are high for the number of children involved, but who can imagine the heroic daily struggle for parents and carers of very disabled children? Costs would be far higher if parents gave up, leaving entire care to the State. Couldn’t parents or charities help keep the centre going? Has Ealing Council tried? In Spring 2013 NP reported on the loss of two day centres for people with learning disabilities (following other disability day centre closures). So will another service be lost?

There is a Consultation – Contact details: Ealing Parent and Carer Forum: Matthew Jeatt 7740-461551 or Ealing Carers Centre: Jane Barnes 020 8840 1566

PESTS Ealing are based at Heller House

PESTS Ealing are based at Heller House

More info on Heller House activities here:

Walpole Park

Meanwhile the Council proudly exhibits Walpole Park, refurbished at a cost of £5.4m or so. Next, Pitshanger Manor gets a similar treatment. Yes, half of this comes from the Heritage Lottery Fund and yes, it is great these facilities are spruced up, but are they really our top priorities? Didn’t someone once say “A society is judged by the way it treats its weakest members”?

Haven Stables

There is huge local opposition to plans to demolish the 137 year-old former Stables Building – formerly the Haven Pub at 1a Haven Green and to replace it with a block of flats. Only this summer the Council designated the Stables a locally listed building. National planning policies require that permission should be refused for the loss of such a heritage asset.

There is a Petition to save the building. To sign E-mail name(s) & address (with postcode) to

Perceval House Redevelopment and moving Ealing Library

Still no progress to report in restoring a cinema to Ealing, but October’s Cabinet meeting announced a bolder plan in its desperate quest to ‘regenerate’ Ealing town centre. The Council now want to bulldoze Perceval House. Just 30 years old, the fortress-like building is fully occupied by Council staff delivering services to local people. But with service cuts and potential redundancies, the Council plans to downsize. And then, to help out the owners of Ealing Broadway shopping centre, Cabinet agreed in principle to relocate Ealing Central Library. The Library was only refurbished in 2008 at the cost of £4m and massive inconvenience for users. Easy come, easy go when library funds are concerned.

Ealing Broadway: Arcadia Phase 2

The refurbished Arcadia centre at 1-8 the Broadway has reopened for TK Maxx and McDonalds with Morrisons coming soon. Developers Benson Elliot, and their partners, Londonewcastle, are now unveiling ideas for the second phase of the old Glenkerrin site – the land north of Uxbridge Road between the Arcadia and Ealing Broadway station. Everything will go, including WH Smith, Sainsburys and Carphone Warehouse. In its place will be 200 homes and new
shops centred around a new pedestrian route, running from the station to Uxbridge Road opposite the Ealing Broadway centre. Separate blocks would rise along Uxbridge Road away from 1-8 the Broadway and a residential tower set back beside the railway. Resident parking would be accessed from an entrance on Station Broadway and shop servicing off the existing Springbridge Road entrance.

There was an exhibition at the end of November, you can see the plans and give your opinion here:

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  1. Helen says:

    They are trying AGAIN to close down our precious Heller House, a final decision is going to be made on February 16th 2016, there is an online petition on Please do not let them do this.

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