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Issue 80

The latest edition of Neighbours' Paper looks once again at the threat to our local hospitals. Our own Council is so concerned it organised a public meeting at our town hall on 15th February at which more than 500 people attended. See the NHS article on pages 6 and 7. There is also concern about saving our local heritage. See page 4 for information on the 15 March Legal Hearing into encroachment issues on Haven Green and the Ealing Broadway Public Inquiry beginning on 9 May.
On a more positive note, we spotlight Pitshanger Lane which not long ago was voted the Great British High Street of the Year. Village life thrives in busy Ealing! Our Borough also creates all kinds of music, art, sport and leisure opportunities, including pottery, a fencing club, strength and balance classes, community allotments and a gardening group. Finally, if you have any worrying legal problems you may be interested in the free legal advice service offered by Ealing Law Centre on page 9. 

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Issue 79

We have good and bad news about our council in this issue. Ealing residents continue to battle the Planning Department who never seem to value Ealing’s heritage buildings. Yet, on examining the Council pay structures we find senior officers are modestly remunerated, compared to other boroughs! The Council continues to pursue our metropolitan open land at Warren Farm to bequeath to QPR Football Club (see; at least they appear eager to protect Northfields Allotments from a plan to build affordable housing association homes on that land. It is also heartening to learn that our Council Leader made a personal visit to the Calais Migrant Camp. This resulted in fourteen unaccompanied refugee children being resettled in Ealing, either through our Fostering Service or by being united with family members. They joined twenty five others making thirty nine in total. Room at the Inn indeed!

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Issue 78

This edition brings concerns and campaign news on our Hospital and Health Services generally. Ealing Hospital is still under threat. Ironically, both Ealing and Charing Cross Hospitals are vulnerable because they are solvent. Unlike many, they do not carry enormous PFI (Private Finance Initiative) debts. Therefore, their closure and land sale would offer huge cash rewards for North West London NHS. The new NHS “Sustain and Transformation Plans” are also explained. These surprisingly promise to both reduce annual health and social care services’ spending and improve these services. The closure and site sale of West Ealing BHS is highlighted. We include an article on a historic children’s home, local sport options and the new High School. Also news on allotments, West Ealing’s Neighbourhood Plan, the local Barbershop Choir and cultural events in Ealing.

Have you noticed a rise in fly tipping since the introduction of wheelie bins? Please get in touch with news on this or any other Ealing issue.

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Issue 77

Summer is back in Ealing! We look at the many exciting summer events below and at canoeing and croquet. Great summer pastimes! We highlight our Council team and new Chief Executive, also Neighbourhood Forums. There are concerns about Haven Green, the closure of Ealing Hospital Children’s Ward and what is happening at Gurnell Leisure Centre. On a lighter side is an article on rats and in contrast, another on our Queen who turned 90 this year!

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Issue 76

This edition looks at some serious stuff: The challenge of housing Ealing residents for one. It seems much new housing is aimed at investors and the rich rather than Ealing citizens. Our article on page 6 explains all. We'll return to this subject we're sure, particularly as it seems the Council encourages this through the planning process and maybe because of its own fiscal challenges arising from Government cuts. Ealing Notes picks up several issues where funding problems lie at the heart. There is also information on the Ealing Junior Music School, arts in the community, the centenary of St David’s Nursing Home and services to vulnerable and homeless people at the Hope Centre. On a lighter note the Vice Chancellor has written to inform us about our own University of West London in the heart of Ealing. For the young and healthy our Sports writer tells us about Ealing Go Karting Club! We hope you will enjoy our Spring Edition.

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Issue 75

In this edition we look at some issues old and new. We learn how Northfield School used to be and the plans for schools in the borough now. We look at the history of some Ealing cottages and how changes then drove country people towards London. Now it is our London suburb that faces change with further densification as described in Ealing Notes, even though the signs are that we should get our cinema back! There is news of how our psychiatric services at St Bernard’s Hospital are changing and how a community garden project will encourage people with learning disabilities. With positive information on Ealing Talking Newspapers, Operation Wellfound, the Green Redeem scheme, a page on important services available to residents and a Sports page, there is plenty to read in this winter edition of Neighbours’ Paper.

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Issue 74

This edition once again considers changes coming to Ealing. There is concern about Heathrow Airport, Warren Farm and Hanwell Community Centre. Many people are also appalled that the appearance of the "Queen of the Suburbs" may be defaced with "wheelie bins". We look at the University of the Third Age, the new Cross-Rail stations and two important services to Ealing residents, Fostering and Meadow House Hospice. On a lighter note, our sports writer considers Rugby and the World Cup and the Autumn Festival celebrates the Magna Carta. We print a letter received about Southall on p.11. Please do write in with information or articles

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Issue 73

This edition looks at the many good things on offer in Ealing this summer: Free courses and activities for young people in the holidays, youth music events, adult courses at Walpole Park and all those wonderful summer carnivals, music and comedy festivals, park parties and shows throughout the Borough! We also spotlight Perivale and Southall as well as considering some more worrying aspects of Ealing life. Our hospital is under threat, as are areas that face unwanted densification to provide more housing. Even those green spaces for which Ealing is so admired may need guarding. Residents keep alert!

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Issue 72

This edition seems an exceptionally mixed bag. Looming over us is the General Election in May. It is difficult to be happy with politicians. Our Council has to consider closing Heller House, Carlton Road or the Solace day centres that are support services for the most vulnerable in our community and their carers. Cuts also affect the NHS and even our Hospital is under threat. In contrast, there are those wonderful volunteers that bring good things to peoples' lives. Read about Perivale Concerts, Palestine Twinning and the Boys' Brigade. There is also some information on Ealing old and new! Meanwhile two NP contributors pose the question 'Is it even worth voting at all?'

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Issue 71

NP71 looks at some problems arising from the Council's shortage of funds. Closing Heller House and making the iconic Town Hall a Hotel seem extreme measures. Yet a younger writer on page 10 shows how we can embrace change. A Town Hall Night Club perhaps! We look at threats to our heritage in the Haven Green and Starlite Ballroom articles and at various campaigns in Ealing Notes. Yet there is also so much that is good about Ealing as other writers remind us: Manjinder Chijarh inspires us with his article about Akuba. Ealing Stroke Club, the Little Ealing History Group and Valentine Festival show us the huge contribution of volunteers to our community.

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Issue 70

NP70 looks at the positive contribution listed buildings make to our borough. Sadly NHS, planning and democracy concerns are reported too. There are good things for young people as we spotlight young people'’s centres and Woodcraft Folk, while our youth reporter advises on A-level choice. Those seeking work will be interested in the new Job Club. All this and lots more including the Autumn Events in the Borough. Don’'t miss out!

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Issue 69

The summer edition looks at the new money for cycling in the borough. Sadly money is not so flush for some residents, as our article on Food Banks explains. Discover some positive ways of resolving difficulties through free legal advice and the Ealing Mediation Service. We have articles on the popular D of E Award programme for young people, our film heritage in Ealing and we have also listed the many summer events that take place every year in the borough. Don't miss out!

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Issue 68

We cover Ealing’s Rhythm & Blues heritage. Sadly this is not as well known as our film heritage. Visit Britain recently stated that the UK’s music tourism is worth £2.2 billion yearly and London attracts 28% of it. Isn’t it time our Council promoted our music, film and other heritage assets? Get involved with Neighbourhood Planning (page 5) and make the suggestion! We take another look at the Ealing Broadway station saga (page 6). At last the Council has promised to review the design. We also look at the valuable work of the charity Home-Start, that offers one-to-one support for families of young children.

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Issue 67

Guest edited by Judy Breams. Inside: A new station for Ealing Broadway, loss of affordable housing at Dickens Yard and the reappearance of the Third Heathrow Runway proposal. In addition see Ealing Notes for the news on the battle to save Ealing Hospital. Ealing Council were refused permission to conduct a Judicial Review. We then received Jeremy Hunt's sham "A & E Saved" announcement. Since then Ealing Council has gone very quiet. They fought fearlessly for our hospital but it is hard to see where the campaign can now go. There are many positive things about our Borough however. This time we bring to your attention the work of the Carers Centre, Ealing Fairtrade, how Sports Coach can help those sporty NP readers to become sport coaches for the good of the community and the Valentine Music Festival in February.

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The spring copy of Neighbours' Paper takes a look at Ealing's Rhythm & Blues heritage. Sadly this is not as well known as our film heritage. Visit Britain recently stated that the UK's music tourism is worth £2.2 billion yearly and London attracts 28% of it. Isn't it time our Council promoted our music, film and other heritage assets? Where is the Ealing Tourist Office? With a bit more flair we could easily fill all these newly built Ealing hotels! Get involved with

Neighbourhood Planning

(page 5) and make the suggestion! We take another look at the station saga (page 6). At last the Council has promised to review the design. We also look at the valuable work of the charity


, that offers one-to-one support for families of young children.

Issue 66

We hope you had a fantastic summer, now let's get back to school! Whether you're interested in cycling, becoming a sports maker, what's going on with Ealing's roads, schools, housing and health or just want to peruse pretty pictures of Olde Ealing, we have something for you in NP66.

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Issue 65

Spring into action and check out issue NP65! Read about Contact a Family Ealing, a charity that provides advice and support to local families with disabled children, Ealing Classic Cinema Club and the changes to Family Legal Aid.

Eric Leech writes about mental health cuts Ealing will face as the West London Mental Health Trust reduces its workforce and NHS North West London look to slash their budget. Delve into our feature on the future of small business in Ealing and the need for a business develpment centre in Ealing, hear about the Nigerian Century Forum Ealing plans and read more about the best looking factory you know, The Hoover Building.

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Issue 64

In the winter edition of Neighbours’ Paper we feature Ealing Churches Winter Night Shelter project, the Orchard unit in Southall and the WISH mental health charity, Elthorne Waterside Playing Fields village green application, Ealing’s KS Osemka volleyball club, a new art gallery in Acton, an interview with MP Steve Pound, updates on Ealing Hospital and HS2 and much more..

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Issue 63

Hello and welcome to Tom Whiting and Michael Holmes, long time volunteers and the new joint editors of the Neighbours Paper! In their debut the NP team look at high street credit (or high street robbery), the pros and cons of the open market on Greenford high street and there's magic in the air in Ealing, of course.

We also cover the fight to save Ealing hospital, there is a spotlight on the Families' Relief charity (based in Greenford and Ealing) and some good news about IMPACT social enterprise which has found a new home in Perivale. We also have Ealing notes, news and events and a look at Team Ealing who headed over to the other side of town for London 2012.

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Issue 62

Thank you and good luck to Ann who is migrating to Australia, Ann has been a passionate and dedicated editor of the Neighbours Paper since 2004 and contributor since 1989 (issue 5!) We will miss you!

NP63 has features on the NHS reforms and how it will impact local residents and a comprehensive account of housing in the borough.

Ealing, Hammersmith and Hounslow Samaritans hit the big 40 and the Ealing Symphony Orchestra celebrate 90 years of making beautiful music.

We also have notes and updates on all the happenings around the borough.

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Issue 61

From Northfields to Northolt, Neighbours’ Paper articles inform readers about the positive actions in Ealing. NP 61 has articles and features on: Northfields Log Cabin, the transformation of the W13 youth centre, Jazz in Ealing, Perivale bowls, Hanwell Lock news, Northolt chess club, friends of Northolt library, the Clan over 50s social club, Fairtrade in Ealing, the Maternity Services Liaison Committee that operates in conjunction with Ealing Maternity unit and much more!

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Issue 60

The cover of this issue features young people who helped clean up Ealing after the riots this summer and inside Eric Leach reflects on the aftermath of the riots and how we can move forward. NP 60 also discusses whether Olde Hanwell’s housing and crime issues are a microcosm of today’s current social problems and features the Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham Sickle Cell and Thalessemia Support Group, the success of Ealing Skateboard Association’s new Skatepark and the latest news and campaigns across our borough.

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Issue 59

In this edition we ask who really runs Ealing? We look at the campaign to address the noise pollution in our borough and there’s a look at the ideas to improve the transport links around Haven Green. The British Heart Foundation and Operation Wellfound, a Christian charity based in Greenford are the charities featured in NP59. We spotlight, the brainchild of two brothers from Ealing Common and interview Alan Carroll, chairman of Ealing’s basketball club, The Phoenicians.

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Issue 58

This issue looks at the fight to save our libraries and the NHS as well assessing how the localism bill might affect us. There are features on Oxfam, the West Ealing Arts project and Ealing Cricket Club. We reflect on Ealing during WWII and highlight the history of Drayton Manor. All mixed in with a dash of humour, culture, news and events.

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Issue 57

Neighbours Paper (NP57) looks at Ealing's Arts effort: There's an update on the proposed Arts Centre and Film Strikes Back via Pitshanger Pictures, Ealing Film Club and a petition to get Ealing Cinema rebuilt. Issue 57 also has features on IMPACT (IMagine, Perform and Create Together), PACE (Physical Activities Club in Ealing), a spotlight on Boston Manor Road and a directory of Safer Neighbourhood Teams in the borough.

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Issue 56

The winter edition (NP56) of the Neighbours Paper shines a spotlight on Ealing Golf Club, Hanwell's historic William Hobbayne Centre and Charity and "Britain at Work 1945-95," an oral history project. The project is collecting memories of the working lives of men and women and seeks volunteers from Ealing.

The local directory this month covers Children's groups and there's a feature on the free legal advice available in Ealing. We update you on the development plans across the borough from Acton to Greenford in the Ealing Notes section.

If you're looking for Christmas cheer, there's a heart warming (true) tale of a good neighbour and some jokes, puzzles and a guide to the events around town from comedy to carolling.

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Issue 55

Autumn approaches, and the latest edition of the Neighbours Paper offers students some back to school tips courtesy of our youngest contributor and STIG explain how they hope to safeguard the future of Gunnersbury Park's trees.

NP 55 also features Ealing, Southall & Middlesex Athletics Club, Southall's GWR Preservation Group (the only standard-gauge live steam railway centre in London); the return of Ealing LETS and an investigation into Ealing's live music scene.

There's a directory of local health organisations, all the latest community news and much more.

(click here to see our list of Ealing pubs with live music).

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Issue 54

The summer edition of the paper features Haven Green and Elthorne Park Playing Fields bids for Village Green status, West Ealing getting creative and looks at an intriguing ritual in Hanwell called Beating the Bounds. There is a guide to the voluntary organisations in the borough, a World Cup inspired crossword and lots more community news. While the sun shines don't forget to enjoy your local summer festival, see inside for more details.

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Issue 53

Posted by Jamie Anson

NP53 reaches you in time to consider who you might vote for at the forthcoming elections. We argue the choice might be difficult, but urge people to participate. Don't leave your future in the hands of people who feel they can ignore you and your family's needs and wishes. Look out for candidates who are responsive to the electorate - the people who pay their wages, after all! If you are concerned about the amount of high rise flats being proposed for our borough's town centres along the Uxbridge Road and the wholesale sale of council estates, then the NP Housing Special is for you. Or are you looking for some active pastime? We carry a Sports Directory this time - look for your sport in our centre pages.

There is a lot more inside as well, so download the latest issue now.

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